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1 lower side; "the underbellies of clouds"
2 the soft belly or underside of an animal's body [syn: underbody]
3 the quality of being weak or unprotected; "the soft underbelly of the Axis"- Winston Churchill

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  1. The side which is not normally seen
    The area by the canal is the underbelly of town - not something you'd see in the guidebooks

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Underbelly is term used to describe the side which is not normally seen. This term could refer to:

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abdomen, abomasum, bay window, bed, bedrock, beerbelly, belly, bottom, bottom side, breadbasket, breech, buttocks, craw, crop, diaphragm, downside, embonpoint, first stomach, fundament, gizzard, gullet, gut, hardpan, honeycomb stomach, kishkes, lower side, lowest layer, lowest level, manyplies, maw, midriff, nether side, nethermost level, omasum, paunch, pot, potbelly, potgut, psalterium, pusgut, rennet bag, reticulum, rock bottom, rumen, second stomach, spare tire, stomach, substratum, swagbelly, third stomach, tum-tum, tummy, underlayer, underneath, underside, ventripotence
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